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Education is the sustainable opportunity to pave a path for children that will provide them and their families with stable circumstances.



No mother should have to worry about whether her child is getting enough to eat.



Sick & invalid people without access to medicines & costly doctor visits are examined & cared for.

Our Misssion ?

We support our fellow human beings in the autonomous region of Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) in financial, medical and spiritual terms. For example, as a community, we have managed to collect clothing, medicine, school supplies and cash and transport them there in a targeted manner.

In times like these, unstable regions like these are disproportionately affected and weakened by the pandemic. We see it as our personal mission to redistribute the privileges and resources we have and to lift burdens from the shoulders of our fellow Kurds.

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We create new ways, organize even more goal-oriented & grow together.

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Our plan

All donations will benefit 3 major problem areas:
Food, Education and Health.
Our project has been building on a broad network of people in diverse positions since 2020. Together we collect and use our resources to redistribute them in a targeted way and take burdens off people’s shoulders. How can you help ?

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